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Arculus is excited to announce an updated firmware release which includes support for several new cryptocurrencies: ADA, SOL, XLM, HBAR, DOGE, LTC, stETH, TON, LDO, LEO, and WETH with additional currencies and capabilities to follow. In order to get the firmware that supports these additional cryptocurrencies, you’ll need a new edition of the Arculus Card. Eligible customers can get new edition cards at no cost. 

The new edition Arculus cards also feature a new design to help distinguish it from earlier card editions.

First Edition Card


New Edition Card


Is this upgrade mandatory?

No - this is an optional upgrade. If you choose not to upgrade, your existing Arculus card will continue to function exactly as it does currently, but you will not see the new currencies in your app experience. The no-cost upgrade program will close on August 31, 2023.

Who is eligible?

If you purchased an Arculus Cold Storage Wallet through an authorized channel, you will get a one-time-use promo code that will allow you to order a new card at no cost to you.

Authorized channels are:

Directly from Arculus at a conference or other event

If you attended Bitcoin Miami 2022 and received a Bitcoin 2022 edition Arculus card, these are not eligible for a free upgrade. However, Bitcoin attendees should contact our Support team to discuss options for card replacement.

How do I receive my upgraded complimentary card?

All eligible card holders must place upgrade orders on using a unique promo code we will email to you upon verification of your original order details.

If you have any questions about the upgrade process, please contact our Support team at for assistance.

How do I get my upgrade promo code?

  • Get your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet upgrade promo code by going to Submit a request – ARCULUS
  • Select "Upgrade Card." 
  • In the webform, please enter your applicable order information as follows:
    • If you purchased your original card on, enter the email address you used for your original purchase and your shipping zip code.
    • If you purchased your original card on Amazon, enter your Amazon order number (you can find this in your Amazon order history), your email address and your shipping zip code.
    • If you purchased on, or in person at a conference, please indicate this information in your form submission.

How do I place my order?

  • Go to and click on Buy Now. Enter your shipping address and the unique one-time promo code from your email into the Promo Code field and press Apply. Your order total should reflect $0 cost to you. 
    • The promo code should be entered in its entirety including the UPGRADE- portion of the code. 
    • Please note that using Apple Pay as a payment method for $0 order results in an error message. Please avoid using Apple Pay as the payment method for your upgrade.
  • Submit your order. You will receive an email confirming your order once your purchase is complete. As soon as your order ships, you will receive another email including your shipping tracking information.
  • Once your upgrade order is placed, we will process your order and ship a new Arculus Cold Storage Wallet card to you using FedEx.

How do I set up my new Arculus Card?

Before you begin, make sure you have your 12-word recovery phrase for your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet.

  1. Open your Arculus Wallet app using your original card
  2. Tap the Settings "gear icon" and select "Upgrade with New Card" from the bottom of the Settings menu.
  3. Hold your new Arculus Card to the back of your phone when prompted.
  4. Set and confirm your PIN for your new card (Note: choose any six-digit PIN you'd like - this can be the same as or different from the PIN on your previous Arculus card. We recommend writing your PIN down and storing in a safe place)
  5. Restore your wallet using your 12-word recovery phrase

Once your Arculus Cold Storage Wallet is set up on your new card, your assets will sync with the respective blockchains and display your balance and transaction history. Please note that the blockchain sync may take a few minutes. You will also be able to add the newly supported cryptocurrencies from "Add/Remove assets."