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Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate the Arculus WalletTM dashboard.


  1. General
    • When you open your Arculus Wallet app, you will see your “Wallet”.
    • Select which cryptocurrency balances you would like to display in your Wallet by clicking “Add currency” or switch icon in the top left.
    • Navigate to your settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right.
    • By clicking on one of the cryptocurrencies displayed in your Arculus Wallet, you will be directed to the details for the selected cryptocurrency. You can then select the desired action to execute with that cryptocurrency (Send, Receive, Swap) and cryptocurrency-specific transaction history will be displayed below.
  2. Send
    • This feature is used to send cryptocurrency to other accounts (whether or not they have an Arculus Wallet)
  3. Receive
    • This feature is used to receive cryptocurrency from other accounts (whether or not they have an Arculus™ Wallet).
  4. Swap
    • This feature can be used to swap one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency.
  5. History
      • This feature displays all previous transactions associated with the wallet. It will display “Sent,” “Received,” “Swap,” or “Pending” based on the type of transaction and completion status.