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  1. Open Arculus App.
  2. Tap “Get Started.”
  3. Present new Arculus Key card to the back of the phone (or other mobile device) as instructed.
  4. Select “Restore Wallet.”
  5. Create a new 6 number PIN.
    • Note: Recovering an Arculus Wallet and creating a new PIN during the restore phase will overwrite any previous PIN associated with the card, so the PIN for all devices will be the most recent PIN created.
  6. Confirm 6 number PIN.
  7. Type in the 12-word secret phrase (note: should be all lowercase) and hit “Restore.”
  8. Present Arculus card to back of phone (or other mobile device) as instructed - this may take a few seconds, so please leave Arculus card attached to the back of the phone (or other mobile device).
  9. Click “Get Started” / “Go to the Home Screen.”
  10. You will then land on your “Wallet” in your account.