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Air-gapped devices have no direct connection to the internet or any computer with an internet connection. Arculus considers an air-gapped device to be more secure and less vulnerable to hackers than devices connected to the internet.


Your crypto private keys are never online when you use the Arculus Key™ Card to store them. Your private keys never leave the key card and aren’t stored on your phone or an exchange.  


When you choose to make a transaction in your Arculus Wallet™ App, you will touch your Arculus Key Card to your mobile device. This is an important security step in the three factor authentication that Arculus uses to keep your crypto keys safe and secure.


For the few seconds that your Arculus Key Card and Arculus Wallet App are in close proximity (or are touching), authenticating you, there is a connection via near field communication (NFC) from the mobile device (the Wallet App) to the Key Card.