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  1. Click the gear in the top right corner of “Wallet” to navigate to the Settings feature.
  2. “Authorization” presents the options to change PIN and enable fingerprint/FaceID.
    • Changing your PIN will prompt for the current PIN, ask to create a new PIN, and confirm the new PIN. The PIN will be stored once you present your Arculus KeyTM Card.
    • Fingerprint/Face ID is the optional third factor of authentication. This feature can be turned on by toggling the switch to the “on” position. Once the feature is turned on, a fingerprint or Face ID will be required to open the Arculus Wallet™ App and get to your “Wallet.” This feature can be turned off by toggling the switch to the “off” position.
  3. How can you set a preferred currency?
    • Click on “Currency” to set the preferred fiat currency to USD or EUR. Select the desired fiat currency and a checkmark will appear next to the selected preferred local currency.
  4. How can you change the Arculus wallet display theme?
    • “Use dark theme” is a toggle switch between light theme and dark theme in the Arculus Wallet.