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Phishing and other scams are becoming more sophisticated and often target crypto holders. It is important to recognize Phishing and be aware at all times of any potential phishing attempt.

From time to time, Arculus will send email notifications to our customers. As soon as we release support for new coins and tokens, we like to let our customers know via our social media channels and email newsletters. It is important to note that we would never include any personal information nor would we request that you reply with your personal information or recovery phrase.

If you contact our Support team using the Contact Us webform, email or by phone, our Support team will NEVER ask you for your 12 or 24 recovery phrase. You should never provide it to anyone via phone, email or text. You should never enter it online. 


Examples of Legitimate Arculus Emails

Arculus Order Confirmation Email - This email confirms that you just placed an order on and provides order number for reference

Arculus Shipping Confirmation Email - This email confirms that your order has shipped and includes a Fedex shipping tracking number

Support Email - If you send an email to our Support team at or submit a Contact Us webform on, a member of our Support team will respond to you. These emails may be sent by or through our Zendesk CRM and have the address

Newsletter - If you subscribed to the Arculus newsletter to receive product notifications, we will send you an email periodically with news and updates. This email sender address is