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  1. Download and open Arculus WalletTM App.
  2. Click “Get Started.”
  3. Present Arculus card to the back of the phone (or other mobile device) as instructed (see Figure 1 below).
      • Figure 1


  4. Select “Create New Wallet” from the Configure menu.
  5. Create a 6 number PIN.
  6. Confirm 6 number PIN.
  7. Present your Arculus card to the back of the phone (or other mobile device) as instructed (see Figure 1).
  8. Select either a 12 or 24-word phrase, and choose whether to enable or disable biometric authentication
  9. Your 12 or 24 word phrase will be displayed. Make sure to write down your phrase. Your recovery phrase is your only way to recover your private keys if your Arculus Key card is stolen, lost, or broken. You should store your phrase in a secure place. The phrase will only be shown once so it must be written down when it is first displayed. Be sure to store it safely. Never share your recovery phrase with anyone. We will never ask you for it.
  10. You will be asked to re-enter your 12 or 24 word phrase. To do this, tap on the words in the correct order and they will be populated into the “My Secret Phrase” box. To remove a word from the box, tap on the word and it will go back to the bottom of the screen. When the secret phrase is selected correctly, click “Confirm.”
  11. Click “Get Started” / “Go to the Home Screen.”
  12. Your Arculus Wallet is now activated!