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What is fiat?

Fiat money is a form of currency that is declared legal tender and is backed by a country's government. Most coin and paper currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Rupee, etc.) that are used throughout the world are fiat currency.

Which fiat currencies can I use in the Arculus Wallet?

Today, the Arculus™ wallet supports the use of USD, AUD, CAD, GBP and EUR for purchasing cryptocurrency in our app through our liquidity partner, Onramper. We anticipate supporting additional fiat currencies in the future. You can check back on this page or visit our legal notices, found here, for updates.

How can I exchange my crypto for fiat within the Arculus Wallet?

Cryptocurrency to fiat is not a feature that the Arculus WalletTM App supports at this time. You would need to first send your cryptocurrency from your Arculus Wallet to an exchange of your choice, where you would then be able to sell it for fiat.