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If you entered your PIN code and see an error message "Arculus Card Connection Lost" on your iOS device or "Card reading error" on Android, this likely means your Arculus Card is being moved (even imperceptibly) from your phone. We recommend placing your Arculus card face down on a flat surface and placing your phone on top of the card and then leaving them joined in that position until the transaction is completed.

This error may also mean that your internet connection is not strong enough to complete your transaction. If you are using WiFi, please try switching to cellular data in your phone settings (or vice versa).

If you are still encountering the error, the next step would be to rule out a problem with the Arculus card itself. Please go to your Arculus Wallet Settings and try changing your PIN code. If you are able to successfully change your PIN code, your card is functioning properly and you may just need to uninstall/reinstall your Arculus Wallet app. Important: Please be sure to have your 12-word recovery phrase handy, as you will need to restore your Arculus Wallet once you’ve reinstalled the app.

If you receive a connection error while trying to change your PIN, there may be a problem with your card. Please contact our Support team at Contact Us or by emailing us at